Our team

Coach Gabe

Iron Knowledge, Team Fury

The guide, the mentor, the visionary. He inspires and drives the team with unbridled attention to detail. The biggest, baddest Coach on the outside. The softest teddy bear on the inside.

Coach Ira

Dark Knowledge, Team Scarlett

She’s the burst of energy who never quits. A trooper who is always there when you need her. Extremely organised and great at time management, she is the queen of multi-tasking. Ira is both a strong leader and a team player.

Coach Dave

Amazing Knowledge, Team Fury

He lives his passion with nothing holding him back and will inspire you to think about yours. The best thing about him is his inability to sing but does it whole-heartedly anyway, because he just wants the people around him to laugh.

Ms Juliana

Iron Healing, Team Scarlett

She can see things for how others see them, and can pour her imagination into bringing concepts to life. She’s a designer who doodles and uses Sketch just for fun, leaving the rest of us in awe of her eye for all things gorgeous. Little does she know, Juliana is an enabler just by being herself. She pushes the people around her to think deeper and with more purpose.