What if?

I tell you that the most amazing classrooms are right in front of your eyes, you’re just not looking up.  

What if students around the world had access to high quality learning and attention regardless of where or who they are?

How amazing would it be

When we connect students around the world through learning

All our lives

we have sat in classrooms where one person spoke and the rest just listened, mostly uninterested.

Just look up! Classroom Without Walls.

7 years ago

when the first prototype of Let’s Fl!p came to life, we had no idea what we were coming into. We combined flipped learning with education technology because we knew those two were the way forward for education. Little did we expect the bumps we faced and the technical issues that came in like a tsunami.

We had to come back to the drawing board after our first launch. We took in all feedback from that first outing and continued our research with partners and students worldwide

Four core reasons why Let’s Fl!p now exists the way it does: