Your exclusive space to create missions and grade your invitees.



Create and ask question-based missions to boost creative & collaborative open-ended responses. There are multiple choice questions, learning journeys and collaborations.


Once it is live, just watch the magic unfold and receive unique responses. Watch students solve problems in a collaborative learning environment that inspires their creativity.


Teachers will be able to review the missions and adjust the points accordingly. There is a leaderboard connected to Let’s Flip Private classroom to make it gamified and able to track learning progress

Through Let's Flip's deep learning journey

we get a chance to see how your mind worked in getting the response, connect it to relevant academic topics, and identify real people who are affected by this phenomenon.

Private Classroom missions will be similar to public classroom missions

This time, however, it will be a private space that will be ideal for schools and educators.

Contents for Private missions can be curated with personalized learning to engage every student.
Upgrade to Private Classroom for only $2.99 USD per account.