Let's Fl!p is a team of innovative educators from all over the world who have come together to create the best lab for Authentic Learning.

Their missions are simple — Breaking the barriers for learning and empowering you to ask the questions that matter.

Gabriel Suppiah


The guide, the mentor, the visionary. He inspires and drives the team with unbridled attention to detail. The biggest, baddest coach on the outside. The softest teddy bear on the inside. Besides coaching, he has a passion for golfing and you can even see him on the court hooping.

Rahul Dave


He lives his passion with nothing holding him back and will inspire you to think about yours. His best quality is his inability to sing, which he does anyway because he simply wants the people around him to laugh. He dedicates his free time to playing Ultimate Frisbee and binge-watching his favourite TV show, FRIENDS.

Ira Atiqah

Master Educator

She is the burst of energy who never quits. A trooper who comes through any time you need her. She is the queen of multitasking and time management. Ira is also an incredible team player and leader. As an athlete since the age of nine, she is the ideal workout buddy because she enjoys sports all day, every day!

Rido Fisabililah

Graphic Designer

A versatile creative with a flair of his own. Rido brings ideas to life and colors to the team with his unique perspective of design that is shown all over our social media. Rido is a highly enthusiastic individual that could create nothing to something.


Front-End & Mobile Apps Dev

As a professional web developer, Haidar is always up for a challenge because it pushes him to be a better leader and problem solver. When he has free time, he enjoys playing futsal regularly, and other times, he takes time to learn new technology. Haidar is a cat lover who adopts, fosters and even feeds stray cats everyday.

Risky Siahaan

Front-End Web Developer

A team player and a jack of all trades behind the computer. Besides programming, he has a way with guitars and is a music enthusiast. Risky brings extra structure and foundation to our wide range of projects. As a junior full-stack engineer and Information Technology student, time management is also one of his superpowers.

Rifky Ariya Pratama

Front-End Developer

Being a front-end developer means being able to see the direct results of what you’re coding on the website. In Rifky’s eyes, he feels like he is “painting a picture with poetry” when he does this. Besides being an avid gamer, he believes that the secret of life is balance. This mindset has made him who he is today.

Fareeha Amirah

Master Educator

Her passion is to educate students with a wide range of abilities and needs. The joy of witnessing kids thrive in their daily activities and become better versions of themselves warms her heart the most. Fareeha is a travel enthusiast who takes lead in making itineraries because it thrills her. She is a go-getter!

Imam Daru Rismi

Full-Stack Developer

When there’s nothing much to do, you can find Imam working on his programming skills, reading, or even traveling. His indomitable spirit inspires him to constantly work on developing himself. Imam is also known to have a spontaneous and adventurous persona.

Khoirul Badarudin

Full-Stack Developer

As a full-stack developer who has a strong desire to learn, Khoirul aspires to use his skills to change the education system. It is his mission to help people see education in a different light. Khoirul enjoys playing football in his spare time and always makes time to travel and explore.