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EdTech Company in Singapore wants to connect students around the world through learning

Rahul Dave

Even without the pandemic, we should always be thinking about ways to innovate education in a manner to connect students and educators around the world. We saw many technological companies that came up with online portals and ways for educators and students to have lessons online. The question will be the level of positive experiences the students had faced during these online learning.

Do you want students to learn because they have to, or learn because they want to?

There is a huge difference. Let’s put it this way. We use apps like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram because we want to watch videos to entertain ourselves. We don’t use these apps just to past time, but we use it as a source of relieving stress as well.

Let’s be honest, we do not see a student excited to go into their elearning portal to complete their weekly quizzes or watching online learning videos.

Now there is a way to connect the balance between content entertainment and learning together. The approach of using gamification learning is the future of education.

Let’s Flip was founded by a trio of coaches that focused on a child’s overall development through personalised coaching. Their years of experience in coaching has brought them to build an EdTech product that students will love.

For the Students

When they realised the gap in the education system, they made the effort to understand what the students think and build an experience for them. The realised that we should not build a technology tool for the educators, but build the tool based on the students’ feedback.

Gamified Learning and Rewards

Let’s Flip is an gamified learning mobile app for students. It is a video-based question and answer platform with an authentic learning pedagogy. The gamification has elements like points, leader boards and rewards to pull the users back to the app. Users will be able to tag other friends to challenge them as well. Notifications from Let’s Flip will bring the users back to the app for more learning. Now, the ‘have to’ will change to ‘want to’. Big difference! The founders of Let’s Flip said that while Let’s Flip was built for students in mind, as they continue to developed the app, the realised that it is built for anyone with a mobile phone. We are all students, and we can all become the educator as well. Let’s put an endless limit for education.

The Vision

While there are thousands of EdTech applications they get released online every year, Let’s Flip’s vision remains the same. By 2025, we expect 3 out 5 students to be using Let’s Flip. You can count on this education team to bring the best experience to you.

Let’s Flip is currently available for free on Apple and Android app stores.