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Rewards and Points

Have a proclamation of your success and skills, motivate yourself to continue with good work!​

Mission Creation​

Flip your classroom by creating a mission. Get the world of social media to join your classroom!​

Private Classrooms

Connect in small groups through private classrooms. High quality interaction where students feel heard and track their progress to classroom mastery!​

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How does come to life?

Learning is a change of behaviour as an result of an experience

We believe that authentic and phenomenon based learning through a social platform is the only way to have a real impact on learning. Continue to be curious and never stop learning, regardless of age. Explore the world around us.  Presenting, Classroom Without Walls!

Dr. Ong Chun Ghee
VP of Temasek Sec
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“First ever App to bring Authentic Learning to Students”
Dr. Rani Burchmore
Head of Learning and Partnerships, Microsoft
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“We are super excited to work with Score Campus on Let’s Flip!”
Josh Engel
Youtube Head, Singapore
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“I believe Let’s Flip has the potential to introduce a whole new way of learning”

Basic Public Usage

Users around the world will be able to download the app for free.
$2.99 per user
(billed annually)
  • Create Public Mission
  • Respond to Public Missions
  • Earn points through missions

Private Classrooms Usage

Users will be able to create private classroom for their exclusive usage.
$ 2.99 per user
(one time classroom purchase)
  • Create Private Classroom
  • Respond to Private Classroom
  • Classroom grading system

Master Classroom Access

Users will be able to take part in exclusive Master Classrooms for extra points.
$ 7.99 per user
(one time classroom purchase)
  • Purchase exclusive contents
  • Gain more points with Master Classes
  • Reward System eligibility

Be a pioneer user of Let's Flip by subscribing to receive the download link when the app is out!

The Superhero Team

Rahul Dave

Gabriel Suppiah

Juliana Goh

Ira Atiqah

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