Walls down, borders
bridged, rules torn,
learning unleashed

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Turn the world into your classroom​

Missions Creation

Flip your classroom by creating a mission.
Get the world of social media to join your classroom!​

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Challenge and beat the leaderboard in Classrooms

Private Classrooms

Connect in small groups through private classrooms. High quality interaction where students feel heard and track their progress to classroom mastery!​

Be rewarded for your skills

Rewards and Points

Have a proclamation of your success and skills,
motivate yourself to continue with good work!​

We believe that authentic and phenomenon based learning through a social platform is the only way to have a real impact on learning.

Continue to be curious and never stop learning, regardless of age. 

Explore the world around us.

Presenting, Classroom Without Walls!

Learning is a change of behaviour as an result of an experience.

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